Mrs Lowe's Year 4 class - Bull Creek Western Australia - 1001 Tales

We have stories to tell, narrative fiction in response to the request of the alien king. One by one, we shall be summoned before the king to tell our stories (gulp!) - and we hope the king is pleased by our storytelling powers.

Writer's Code: s = started | r = ready for review | f = final draft

Davis F
Katie F
Molly F
Kalpa F
Courtney F
Lara F
Justin F
Cagla F
Sumati F
Jasmine F
Nicholas F
Sarah F
Lachlan F
Ben F
Celine F
Mitchell r
Euan F
Callan F
Blake F
Reneta F
David F
Grace F
Naomi F
Isobella F
Isaac F

When we comment on the writing of our friends we will use phrases such as:
"I heard…" This is where you summarize the information and details that you heard. Your goal is to give the writer a sense of what's coming across in the writing.

"I liked…" Tell the words you like, ideas, moments that created a picture in your mind.

"I wondered…" This is where you are looking for something more, or something is unclear. You can also use:
"I had a question about…"
"I was looking for an example of…"