Monsters by Courtney

Monster scare little kids.
Open a spooky door and you can see a monster.
Never say hello to a monster.
Scare a monster and it will be scared.
Tell your mum and dad if you see a monster.
Easter is when monster come out and eat you eggs.
Realize that all monsters are scare.

Monsters by Blake

Monsters are freaky and frightening.
Old Monsters go ding dong and are stupid.
Nice Monsters eat nice children
Silly monsters eat grass.
Tin Monsters need oil changes.
Every Monster smells like chicken.
Russian Monsters eat Polish people.
Some Monsters stink.

monsters by Cagla

Monsters have sharp teeth so when you stare at them they cut you.
Old monsters eat rotten fish when they are hungry
Naughty monsters do bad things like scare people
Strange monsters dont sleep at night
They have children for supa and were strange clothes
Ether they are from vines or from juperter
Red is there fravioue coulor because it is the coulor of blood
Somtimes I am not scard of monsters because they are not real

Monsters by Amisha

Monsters are scary
Orange monsters are the worst
Never go up to them
Sulky monsters are so YUK !
They have rough skin
Eating monstres are scary
Real monsters are always hiding and waiting
Some monsters live in dark forests.

Monsters by Sumati

Monsters look very angry.
Over 1 millions years is their usual age.
Never have I seen a pretty one.
Slithering is their way of moving.
They scare your lungs out.
Every monster is very tall.
Red, green and multicoloured is their colour.
Scary, strong and plain old mean!

Monsters by Kalpa

Monsters are scary and they live in dark places
Old monsters are stupid
Naughty monsters eat naughty children
Silly monsters eat people
Tiny monsters are cute
Every monster is slimy and squishy
Roman monsters are stinky
Some monsters are freaky

Monsters by Reneta

Monsters scare me all the time
On the ground roaming at night
Naughty and ugly all the time
Spooky,so spooky you will scream when seeing one
Tuesday is the day monsters eat humans
Ears are as big as chickens
Right under your nose one could be hiding
Scaring you when you look at one

monsters by Nicholas

Monsters dessolve in tamato sauce.
On stomy nights i get scared of monsters.
Non scarey monsters are the best monsters i like.
Some people try to kill them.
The monsters that scare you are somtimes nice.
Ether of the monsters come from space.
Red is the most comon coulers on there skin
Sommtimes im not scared of monsters.

Monsters by Jasmine

Monsters live in dark caves, under tall bridges
Opps !The purple one ate my Mum
Naughty ones will crash all the houses at midnight
Slime comes out of their mouth
Trees run away in fright
Every time I see them I scream and run
Rocks get crushed by the Monster’s big and smelly feet
Some Monsters are scary, mean, naughty, ugly and really smelly!!!!!!!!!

Monsters by Molly

Monsters are sneaky
Only black monsters scare at night
Never annoy a monster
Stoves are where monsters boil you
There is a school for monsters to train scaring little children
Everyone is scared of Monsters
Remember to watch out for monsters
Should be scared by now just reading

teacher eating monsters by Ben

Monsters only eat teachers.
On Friday the 13th monsters eat 104 teachers.
No monsters eat children
Some of them are disguised as teachers it might be yours.
Teachers fear monsters.
Every teacher has weapons like T.N.T
Run around and make lots of noise monsters will kill you.
Schools are good for monsters


Monsters are monstrous
Orange Monsters drink orange juice
Nothing is as stinky as monsters
Some monsters are scared of children
Tofu makes monsters sick
Every night they eat teachers
Rummage through children’s sock draws
Sausages are the best thing to give to a sick monster

Monster acrostic poem by Isaac

Many children are scared of monsters.
On Halloween they come out to eat teacher (especially our teacher).
No monsters are vegetarian.
Some of them will live in forests.
Trees get knocked down by big monsters.
Every monster eats teachers.
Raging in schools for teachers to eat.
Sometimes they eat relief teachers.

Monster Acrostic Poem by Katie

Monsters are enormous.
Only monsters have slimy teeth.
No one has seen a monster as far as I know.
Some monsters are very sneaky.
Terrifying monsters eat children.
Everyone knows that some monsters are terrific.
Rocks are some monsters favourite food.
Some monsters can camoflauge with their surroundings.

My Freaky and Funny Monster Story by Grace

Monsters come out at the strike of midnight to make you into a monster.
On a nice restful night the monsters will put bugs on you and put one in your mouth.
Naughty monster will go and say hello to the scared children.
Safe monsters will stay in the computer for the whole day.
Terrible monsters will eat up boy and girls and there freaky homes.
Eating monsters like to eat nothing
Ringing monsters like to call children
Singing monsters sing while they go to eat children.

monsters acrostic poem by Lachlan

Monsters are to scary for me
Old monsters can be scary too
No monster is useless
Some are silly some are not
Tall monsters eat tarantulas
Enormous monsters are not always scary
Real they are don’t say their not
Some are silly some are mean

Monsters by Isobella

Monsters are really scary
Oooiii is the sound monsters make
Not many monsters are rainbow coulored
Some monsters have really big families
Terrifying monsters have sharp claws
Even monstersget scared of us sometimes
Really, really freaky
Some monsters have three eyes

My Scary Monster Poem by Celine

Monster’s teeth are so sharp that it will cut you by looking at them.
On spooky nights Monsters will scare your socks off you.
Naughty teachers will always be eaten freshly roasted.
Some monsters eat teachers.
The scariest monsters will scare everyone just by looking at them.
Every night they steal people from their beds and eat them (crunch crunch crunch).
Running so fast over land holding their dinner still asleep.
Sometime you’ll wake up finding you’re in a black hole (the monsters mouth).

Monsters by Callan

Monsters are heroic

Others are fearsome

Never are they nice

Seen only at night

Terrible creatures they are

Eventually gruesome

Restless until they find what they want

Monster Acrostics by Davis

Marvellous beast
Oh so powerful
Not a wimp
Smells so bad
Terrify little and big kids
Evil,very evil
Run away at top speed
slimy as a snail

Monsters Acrostic Poem by Daniel

Monsters are meant to be very frightening.
Only nice monsters make friends.
No monster ever shows itself to people.
Small monsters are still scary.
Teenager monsters like playing card games.
Energetic monsters can run up to 100 kilometers.
Running monsters grow longer legs quicker.
Some monsters are very tidy.


Monsters are stupid:
Orange monsters eat purple things:
Naughty monsters wear other monsters clothes:
Some monsters cry so much they cause floods:
Terrible monsters scare the living daylights out of people:
Every single baby monster is really, really, really cute:
Rude monsters allways push others:
Some I mean all monsters eat teachers, principles and deputy principles to keep healthy: