Kidlink - Landmark Games - 2009

WE WON!!!!!


Today we wrote down some of our thoughts about participating in the project. Here are some of our reflections.

What did you enjoy most about the Landmark Games?

  • I enjoyed the Landmark Games because we got to use the laptops and it was fun when we found a landmark.
  • searching with your team mates on the laptops
  • I enjoyed every single bit about the landmark games. The best bit was probably the research on the computers and working with firends.
  • Finding the landmarks is most that I enjoyed. I like working as a team.
  • Working as a team, using the laptops and learning new things
  • Looking on the computer and writing clues as we go. The map was a big help too. I worked with Bridget and we worked really well.
  • I enjoyed finding what I thought was the landmark but ending up having to find it again because it was not correct.
  • When we were working together to find the landmarks and letting both of our people take turns in typing and doing the mouse work.
  • I liked the landmark games because we got to look at all different landmarks.
  • I liked working together and solving the clues. I really had so much fun. I liked working on the computers and searching for landmarks.

What did you enjoy least about the Landmark Games?
  • The questions being hard to look for.
  • Some of the questions were really hard and there were arguments.
  • The bit I didn't like the most was when we thought we had got the landmark and we would read a bit more. It wasn't what we thought.
  • The part that I least enjoyed was when we cannot find one of the hard clues for the landmarks.
  • I least enjoyed waiting for our last three clues to see if our guesses were right but I enjoyed every other bit.
  • I didn't enjoy Landmark Games so much because the landmarks were really hard. I also didn't like the Landmark Games because it always gave me a headache.
  • Well the clues were difficult so it just took long.
  • I least enjoyed the the Landmark Games because we didn't find as many landmarks like the other groups did.
  • Nothing. I liked it all.
  • I least enjoyed the first lot of questions. They were hard to do and the second lot of clues were harder.

Did your group work well in the games? Explain
  • My group didn't work so well together because lots of our group were playing.
  • Yes because everyone listened to people and what they were saying.
  • Yes we got along well and found the answers.
  • I think my group worked exceedingly well. We think we found all the correct landmarks.
  • We worked very well. The first week Bridget was away. We made a little bit of progress but on the second week we were like rocket ships.
  • We didn't go too well at first then we got better. We still argued a lot though.
  • They worked well because we helped each other look for most of the landmarks and let us have a turn on the computer.
  • No, because most people were being silly and playing on the computer.

Do you have any comments about your group leader?
  • Our group leader was trying to stop the rest of the group playing on the laptops.
  • The group leader did well organising things.
  • He was a bit bossy but he was okay. He didn't encourage me. He'd make me do all the work I had to do it by myself.
  • I think I did okay at being the group leader. It was sometimes a bit frustrating but it was quite fun.
  • I like the way my leader helped other people in the group.
  • It was hard to be a group leader because it's a big responsibility.
  • I think that I was a good group leader because I tried to be fair. I also think that my group had fun.
  • I think my group leader was a helpful leader.

Would you recommend the Landmark Games to other classes? Why or why not?
  • I recommend this to other classes because it is fun, challenging and helps you get along with your classmates. I love challenging games a lot.
  • I would recommend the Landmark Games to other schools because it is challenging and exciting and other people would enjoy it.
  • I would recommend other classes to do the landmark games. I thought it was a good opportunity to help us learn more about the computer and more about landmarks.
  • Yes, I would recommend the Landmark Games to other classes because it is fun and you learn lots about all different places.
  • I think yes because whoever is doing it won't be bored just doing schoolwork.
  • I would definitely recommend it. It was really great fun and I'd really love to do it again next year. I also think it's good for people to work together.
  • No, I would not recommend it because the clues were too hard to do.
  • I would, because it's fun and educational. I loved the games, so obviously other classes would.
  • I would recommend other classes to play the landmark games because it's really fun and gets your brain working.

The Most Challenging Game on the Internet!
co-ordinated by Mr Terry Smith from Eugene Field Elementary School in Hannibal, Missouri

We have joined this project and are on the hunt for the 40 landmarks - it's even trickier than we thought!
Click here to go to the Landmark pages.
Puzzled, engaged, challenged students will seek
answers to extraordinary clues.

1. Sign up and send in 9 clues for landmarks: Feb 2 -- Feb 13.
2. Clues will be to be released to players on these Mondays:
Monday Feb 23
Monday Mar 2
Monday Mar 9

3. Guesses accepted March 16-20, deadline midnight on March 20.
4. Three top Classes announced on March 26.