• Your entries on the blog should be your own work. (Retells are alright as long as they are written in your own words.)
  • Reread your work before submitting for publication.
  • Use CUP editing to check your work.
  • Only make positive comments on blogs and always include your first name.
  • Never include personal information in your blog entries.
  • You may include photos with the approval of the teacher and your parents with any blog entry.
  • Only add widgets if they are appropriate.
  • A widget may only be added as an article once your have submitted at least four articles/posts.

If you'd like to visit our blog click here: Mrs Lowes' Area 11 Bloggers
Common errors to watch out for:
  1. Always use a capital letter for the word " I ".
  2. Always use a capital letter for proper nouns, for example, days of the week, people’s names, names of places.
  3. Watch your grammar and punctuation errors.
  4. Reread for missing words.
  5. Use a dictionary if you are not sure of the spelling.