In Term 2 we will be studies the Earth's Land Biomes.
We will be working in groups of 4 or 5 to research a particular biome.
After your research you will create a project to teach your classmates about the critical issues surrounding your biome.

Each member of the group will research a particular area of your biome.
Areas include:
Animals, plants, physical landscape and human influences.

You will provide background information, examples with picures/illustrations/maps and 2 questions that can be answered from your research.

Each group will present their findings to the class in a format chosen by the group.
(Research assignment idea from

Remember: you must include a list of the websites you used for information and also acknowledge where you found the images you use.
Links to useful websites
MGBNet Biomes
Biome Basics
Windows to the Universe - Biomes and Ecosystems
World Biomes
The Wild Classroom - Biomes
Teacher's First - Biomes of the World
Blue Planet - World Biomes
Introduction to Biomes
Enchanted Learning - Biomes
Earth Floor - Biomes
Kidcyber - Biomes

Human Influences on Biomes
Wildlife Conservation Society

Saving images to use in your presentation

Remember that you can only use images with a CC (Creative Commons) licence and that you must acknowledge the photo.

A useful website for photos is